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Conversation Between nazrat77 and bjbud4u
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  1. nazrat77
    11-04-2018 01:08 AM
    There's a vision video in Evanston, Wyo about 35~40 miles from here, but they don't have holes. So I usually look for open doors or leave mine open. It works out pretty well, but I still haven't ever managed to blow a dude to completion. Bummer.
  2. bjbud4u
    11-03-2018 01:41 PM
    I hear you. I'd much rather put my $6 or so in a gh vid machine than buy one beer at a loud bar crowded with the S&M clientele (Stand & Model). How far do you have to travel to your nearest gh arcade? Mine is less that 20 mi - but - includes a ferry ride - so sadly I don't get over there nearly as often as I'd like.
  3. nazrat77
    11-02-2018 11:30 PM
    Hey--truth is, that bar got knocked down a few years ago by of all things a tornado, much to the glee of the local-um, Dominate Culture LOL.

    There was another bar in SL but it closed down. I think I read the owner died or something. Oh well. I'm not really into the bar thing, anyway. Rather go to an arcade glory hole, or an actual theater. None of those left around here, either, so I make a road trip every once in a while.
  4. bjbud4u
    10-14-2018 12:21 PM
    hey nazrat77 - was just reading hot posts on here and found one where you suggested that a "jack-n-the-box" feature would be just right for a particular bar in SLC. I'm curious about that bar and why this would be just right?? Care to expand ? ? ?
  5. nazrat77
    08-26-2018 12:32 AM
    I would love to take a trip up your way someday. I'll let you know if I head that way, long as you mention if your passing thru Utah...
  6. bjbud4u
    08-19-2018 12:17 PM
    do you ever get up here to the PNW?
  7. nazrat77
    08-19-2018 01:11 AM
    Hey, we should should meet up some time at a gloryhole. I'd love to suck you off and be sucked off by you.
  8. nazrat77
    09-03-2017 01:01 AM
    Hi. No, not local to BHC, just had reason to be there once a year or so. Had relatives there. I haven't been in a couple years, but I'm sure it's just as active as ever.
  9. bjbud4u
    08-27-2017 01:26 PM
    hey nazratt77. Are you a BHC local??? I just moved from there after being a regular patron of the ABS g-hole arcades for 12+ yrs. We've probably played together. Sure miss those days. Haven't found anything fun here.

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