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bjbud4u 05-15-2018 11:15 AM

Public G-holes around the Globe
I was just indulging in one of my fav pass times . . . watching gh vids on xtube. I saw several from other countries: Italy, Greece, Hong Kong, Netherlands. . . etc. Does anyone travel around the world with any regularity?? I wish I did. It would be hot to write a sorta "travel guide" on public gloryholes in different geographic and societal locations. How they are different and what they all may have in common. In lieu of the fact that this may never happen - - how bout sharing enlightening details of your gh experience in foreign lands. The most open and free country that I'm aware of is the Netherlands . . . but . . I may be wrong.

Joeweekend 05-18-2018 09:55 AM

Wow, you got me inspired to head over to to check some listings.

What I found: Germany has more listings than you can believe! Never cruised in Germany . . . will have to get there again, with some me-time on the schedule.

Hottest European spot I ever found: back in the mid-80s, the train station in Rome. The urinals at the trackside men's room were basically full. You had to wait to get a spot. And virtually everyone there was wanking. I remember the cleaner guy coming through. Action didn't slow down one bit, and the old guy with the mop was muttering to himself loudly. Was told by the guy I went home with (!) he was ranting on about the goddamn faggots. But it stopped no one.

bjbud4u 10-14-2018 12:16 PM

More Please
I'd love to hear about more "foreign" encounters that might be a little different that what we're used to here in the US. Like JoeWeekends Roman encounter of flagrant masterbation at public urinals . . . etc. I'm particularly fascinated to hear bout gh's in Middle Eastern areas of the world. (probably cause that's my fantasy "look" for a man)

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