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Talking Philadelphia area, maybe @ Venus to suck Wed. 3/9, stay tuned

I've been sucking on dildos all night, practicing deep throating, got an 8-inch dildo down my throat to the balls, & I'm horny as hell. I'm a GH virgin, but I think I'm going to go check out Venus video in Philly (you can find directions easily on the web). If I do, I hope I can suck every possible cock there is. Caveat, my mood & horniness can change between middle of the night & next day in the light of day, but for anyone in the area, check out this board Wednesday after 4 pm.

If I post that I'm going there, come on down, I will be there & want as many cocks as I can get, to suck & get nut. Two is the most cocks I've sucked together, so I'm itching for as many as I can get in one night. If I don't post Wednesday, then I changed my mind for now, but I'll probably be there soon, so keep an eye out, I will be sure to post here before I go if I do.

Even if I don't go to Venus Wednesday, if you're not too far away, I just might come suck your dick if you hit me up.
I like girls, and I also like to suck dick. You got a problem with that?
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