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Originally Posted by Joeweekend View Post
Wow, haven't been out to Roselle in way too long. Glad to hear it's still going strong - though I see on Swuirt that it's dropped to a 3 starts out of 5 rating. That's a shame. Was always a long trip for me to get out there from the city. So I'd stay a long time and usually scored 4-5 loads or more. (And a few side trips to Busse Woods if things got slow . . . .)

The old Zebulon was never happening back when I'd be out there. Staff was nasty, nothing ever going on. Glad to hear it's come to life.

I remember that place out in Melrose - went a couple times, never found much there.
Oh Melrose is a different beast now... I'd say it's a half straight crowd, but that's only when the ladies/couples come in. Once they're gone, most of the boys will feed you without hesitation. It's a fucking cum party.

Zebulon is still fun but I'm noticing that there are times when the guys are there, but aren't quite sure how everything works. I'll have to take some pics next time I'm there because when it's a hit you'll leave an exhausted mess but when it's off, it's more awkward than dead.
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