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Originally Posted by Nonmess View Post
I have tried it, wasnt impressed with results. seems effective, but not too many "straight" gius which i love. I just want to suck lol.
I know it can be frustrating. But - don't be rushed. Maybe your goal should be to find some regular trade that you can eventually count on. When you do get a suckee . . . make sure you treat him the best you possibly can and he will be anxious to return and maybe even "tell a friend". If you are able to get 3-4 of these regulars . . . you will be a happy man. Are you on There are several guys who post vids of servicing their regulars. (of course that's what I'm thinkin bout). Meantime - - if you don't have a nearby ABS gh arcade - take an occasional overnite trip to one just to keep in practice and satisfy that urge/need.
Hang in There - - and Good Luck!
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