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Default Female Suckers

I've had about six women who were good cocksuckers and stayed with you, swallowing everything you could give.
I've had 30 who were terrible. Some of them thought they were great.
And I don't know how many who just wouldn't, even though wanted you to go down on them!
The 70's were a very, very good time to be young and horny!
But the one woman who was an outstanding cocksucker I lucked out on back in the early 90's.
She was an artist. She is the number one female blow job expert and the next five spots in my top ten women suck monsters is empty!
Broke up because she had kids and wanted to be married....
Here's her secret: for four years she was roommates with two gay men.
They taught her.
Wish I could had all their lessons done on me.......
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