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Old 09-29-2021, 08:52 AM
Trix Trix is offline
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Question Favorite GH features?

I'm working on making a somewhat portable booth to be assembled at events akin to Burningman. I'm looking for input on the best features to have. There are so many variables.

I am thinking 4 sides so that one can be "finger cuffed" inside between two cocks, but each direction a slightly different length to accommodate people of different heights. As far as hole height. I'm thinking 32" centered. If you guys mind measuring the perfect height for you, that would help me. A measurement of mouth to ass will help too also your sex because I don't want to exclude females if I get only males here.

Hole size. I'm thinking larger and round is better so there is no struggling getting the full length through. Maybe a full 12 inches? Is that too much?

Material: Plywood and then some sort of padding around the holes? The plastic material some bathroom stalls are made of is nice but what I can find is really expensive.

Foot slots at the bottom so your toes have room.

Handles on the inside and outside, probably made of plumbing pipes.

I was thinking little padded platforms to kneel or stand on to compensate for height differences, chained on so they don't walk away. I'm thinking this may be a little clunky.
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Old 10-07-2021, 11:21 AM
PaulBr PaulBr is offline
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Old 12-01-2021, 03:44 PM
echuta echuta is offline
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That's a lot, it sounds complicated. I recommend one larger oblong hole for multiple heights. If you're trying to block the view put a curtain or a sliding door or something like that.

Handles are great, especially above the head. At one booth someone had installed simple hardware store handles at about the height your arms extended above your head would grab. That was fantastic, until someone took them down. I've never had handles at a lower height, along the side, but when you can grab something like that (edge of the booth or a video wall or something)

I prefer a more sturdy wall, but fabric like a tent or something would work. If you want something reasonably cheap and light but smooth for cleaning hardware stores have these thin boards that are a lot like dry-erase boards. I forget the name, but wander around where the plywood is and you'll find it.
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Old 12-08-2021, 10:05 AM
Laceyfemme Laceyfemme is offline
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I have very occasionally seen GHs with a second hole which is round, offset, and at a raised height. I think it is to allow a feeder to insert an arm to hold the back of the cocksucker's head, or possibly foundle their chest/breasts without having to bend over. Has anyone else seen this configuration?
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Old 12-10-2021, 12:50 AM
Cassidyy Cassidyy is offline
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The more kinda rectangular shaped slits/holes are neat. Allows shorter guys and average/taller guys to have their balls tended too as well
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Old 12-31-2021, 07:48 PM
mcluvin78 mcluvin78 is offline
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I would like to see a booth with a platform to lay sideways with two holes positioned for sideways 69 .And a booth built with a curved wall , with a big hole in the curve and a platform for someone to lay sideways stick their ass into the hole and a platform to lay on the other side with a handle to get some leverage to pound that ass hard.
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