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Old 07-18-2019, 03:14 PM
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Default Free ballin

I'd love to hear if anyone else is a fan for free-ballin? ? ? Either has the dude who love to wear light-weight loose shorts or pants with no undies and let it sway in the breeze . . . . or . . . .others, like me, who love to "people watch" for freeballers. Nothin like hangin out in a busy outdoor situation where you can sit at eye-level with the goods a free-baller has to display. Sometimes - can lead to other stuff. Years ago . . at the old Pomona fairgrounds . . I made eye contact with an amazing free-baller who was strollin around with what appeared to be his girlfriend. I went into one of those ancient restrooms that they had there that was not on the main drag . . . took a seat in an old toilet stall that had an old gh cut in the plywood partition. . . sure enough in a couple mins that guy walked in . . . past the big ole urinal trough and the 1st 3 stalls to take the one next to mine. He took a piss and knew I was observing thru the gh. When he was done - - he took a couple shakes and a squeeze or 2 . . and started to put it back in his shorts . . . but . . . saw my finger swipe of the gh and stepped forward to offer me his goods. When that big heavy slab of untrimmed cockmeat and those amazing full dark-haired low-hangin sperm tanks flopped thru the gh - I almost fainted. Knowing his chic was probably waiting for him . . . I wasted no time . . . and he was quite accommodating too. that big fat sausage got rockhard after only a couple seconds in my mouth . . then I began to deepthroat the entiere 9"er while cupping and gently massaging those tanks til I felt that head bloat up and the shaft stiffin and swell and I got my thick, creamy, hot, fresh reward . . . spurt after spurt after delicious spurt of sweet, salty, aromatic sperm. Was quite an experience. He quickly packed it back in and scooted. I saw smoochin with his girl an hour or so later - he smiled and nodded at me as I passed by.
Love me some FREE-BALLIN
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