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Old 05-07-2021, 08:22 AM
porkchop77 porkchop77 is offline
Join Date: Aug 2011
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Post Old guys.

How many have played or regularly play with someone significantly older than you? I'll define significantly as the other person being 15-20 years older.

Older guys get a bad rap a lot of the time and sometimes for good reason as we've all likely had at least one run in with an old troll who ruined our chances for a good time. However, I've also had a number of very pleasurable experiences with guys significantly older than me.

The first cock I ever sucked was a guy who was likely at least 30 years older than me and I currently regularly play with a guy who is likely that much my senior. The older guys have been through it all and can be a great wealth of information as far as where to go to play, who to avoid and advice in general.

Share your stories of hooking up with older guys if you have any and let's give them some love.
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Old 05-12-2021, 10:07 AM
GayMohave GayMohave is offline
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Location: Kingman, Arizona
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Default Older Guys

I was always attracted to servicing older men. I found mature, masculine men to be very appreciative of quality oral service and they were willing to work to meet and get it regularly without the flakey attitudes etc of the younger crowd. Older guys liked finding a willing fag and spending the time to keep me occupied and happy.
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Old 05-20-2021, 05:57 PM
sabjbuddy sabjbuddy is offline
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Location: San Angelo, Texas
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Default In Praise of Older Men

When I was younger, late 20s early 30s, I lived in Houston where there was a pretty active gloryhole scene at ABS locations. When you frequented them, it was not unusual to run into the same guys at various locations. There was one older, probably 65 y.o. man, gray hair, glasses, slender build. He was always interested in me but I never really saw him as a fun or interesting sex partner.

One day I was at this one location. It was kind of run down and there were several booths where there were gloryholes but the televisions did not work. I had been there a while and decided to just relax in one of the booths, as I wasn't very interested in the guys that were there, this older guy was one of the guys there. Well, this guy started to come in the booth with me and I let him know I wasn't interested. I shut and locked the door after that. A few minutes later he went into the booth next to me where there was an adjoining gloryhole. I was sitting back on the bench that was across from the glory hole. He was trying to get me to put my cock through, but I was in the mood for sucking and didn't want to get sucked off yet. Eventually he stood up and opened his pants and put his penis through the hole. Ordinarily, my reaction would have been to leave and find another booth, but this guy had a whopper. Not only was it big, it was somewhat thick and a real beauty.

I moved over and started sucking the hell out of that big dick and started deep throating him. He started to pump his cock through the hole and fuck my face. I was in heaven. Then he pulled out and bent back down to the hole and asked to join me in my booth. I agreed and he came over and fed me that big dick all the way down my throat. He was slightly aggressive which I liked. And, like me, he liked to suck too. He was a great cocksucker as well. I don't know how many times I sucked that guy off but thereafter, every time I ran into him at an ABS we traded blowjobs and fed each other our cum.

I had a new appreciation for my seniors after that.
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Old 05-21-2021, 05:15 PM
sumerfield sumerfield is offline
Join Date: Apr 2011
Location: Connecticut
Posts: 60

I had a very slender very polite and respectful many well into his 70's that would stop by for a blow job. Unusual in that he'd was a fast summer. Really nice cock, 6 inches and fairly thick. He loved the deep throat action. I tried to keep a slow pace which he appreciated. Man o man did he cum and cum and cum. Haven't seen him since covid. Sure did enjoy that cock. I don't think age has much to do with sexual enjoyment and fulfillment. Great time was had by all.
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Old 05-22-2021, 10:06 AM
mcluvin78 mcluvin78 is offline
Join Date: Jan 2013
Location: Southeast
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Only really great gh visit ive had was an old guy who beat my dick good while he sucked and then swallowed my cum . Wish i could get him on the other side of the wall again everyone else is too gentle.
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Old 12-10-2021, 12:52 AM
Cassidyy Cassidyy is offline
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Join Date: Dec 2019
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A good amount. Plus as a longer person to begin with, I assume most of the GH cocks are at least 15+ older than me.
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Old 12-13-2021, 08:08 AM
Cassidyy Cassidyy is offline
Junior Member
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Originally Posted by Cassidyy View Post
A good amount. Plus as a longer person to begin with, I assume most of the GH cocks are at least 15+ older than me.
Younger person*
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Old 12-14-2021, 12:02 PM
Laceyfemme Laceyfemme is offline
Join Date: Feb 2012
Location: Southern California
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I started frequenting adult theaters an bookstores in my early 30's, and at first I was somewhat put off by how many customers were in their 50's and 60's. But that didn't last long. Soon I was sucking them off along with everyone else. Sometimes it took a bit more effort on my part for them to cum, but I always enjoyed it.
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Old 12-14-2021, 08:20 PM
jas6121994 jas6121994 is offline
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Probably at least partially because of the frequency in my visits to gloryholes / theaters in my early 20s, I think I actually prefer older men! They also tend to know what they want, are appreciative of the attention you give them and are usually more vocal when I make them cum which is even better
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