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Old 04-21-2012, 06:41 AM
cumhubby cumhubby is offline
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Default Trained to suck by my slut wife

My wife influenced my sexual appitite with her lover Joe. In the beginning, I trained her to be a slut for him and had no desire to interact with him, other than both he and I using her together. But little by little, she maneuvered me to take a back seat and just watch and I soon realized she enjoyed his cock more than mine. My submissiveness was born in those early years of sharing her. The control of the situation passed from me to her and she taught me to orally service him in every way and do everything she did for him. The exception was eating his cum. She didn't mind taking some of it in her mouth or sometimes sucking his cock after he came in her but his loads were enormous and she couldn't handle the volume.
So, that became exclusively my job and I did it well and learned to love eating his cum. As soon as he pulled out of her cunt, I would take his cock in my mouth and drain whatever was left. Then I dove into her cunt and lapped up all I could get. This was the part of the fucking I enjoyed the most and she loved seeing me eat his sperm and encouraged me each time.
My adventures at the gloryholes began about 1979, about 6 years into the threesome. I was a pervert even before we began playing with Joe and would visit the numerous peep shows and bookstores around Times Square. Those days things were pretty much wide open.
In those days interacial sex was very much taboo and white women who dated or fucked black men were looked down as sluts, pigs and lowlifes. With the age of the internet, white women have come out of the closet and you can find any number of them and their husbands who enjoy the thrill of taking black cock. Of course, it went on back then but it wasn't as exposed as it is today.
As for me, I always enjoyed black women, having had a 5 year long affair with a very sexy Jamaican woman who I loved to suck and fuck.
On my forays to Times Square there were a number of bookstores where I could enjoy my love of serving black women. One place in particular had a raised stage surrounded by stalls where you could view the ladies by depositing 25 cents, which would raise a window that opened to the stage. The window would stay open for about a minute and you were treated to an array of mostly black ladies strutting around naked in heels and little else, their bountiful tits and asses wiggling and jiggling. Handing them a dollar would would allow you a feel of their tits and asses, their cunts being off limits. But for $2 the sluts would bend over and back their asses into the window opening and you could lick their assholes, cunts again off limits.

Since my wife had trained me to lick Joe's asshole, I had come to love serving a male or female this way and here I had my pick of a bevy of wonderful black ladies.
Armed with a few rolls of quarters and a pocket full of singles, I spent many hours and dollars with my face buried in different black assholes, my tongue inserted into their holes as deep as I could get it. All the while jerking my cock and "edging", not cumming until I could stand it no longer. It wasn't unusual for me to lick 7 to 10 different black assholes before shooting my load on the floor with my tongue buried. Some of the sluts were indifferent to it but some found it a turnon and wriggeld their asses around, screwing my tongue in as deep as they could manage, even reaching back to spread their cheeks for better access.
Those were the days, now it's wall to wall Mickey Mouse in the area.
If there is interest, I will tell how I found out about the gloryholes and how my love of eating cum led me to become addicted to these places.
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Old 05-13-2012, 07:03 AM
michael1950 michael1950 is offline
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Smile Yes interested in hearing more.

Your introduction was intriguing as a teaser of old, yes please continue the tale of you developing a love of cum from your wife's lover's cock.
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Old 05-23-2012, 12:43 PM
cumhubby cumhubby is offline
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There were many bookstores around Times Square in those days and I enjoyed visiting many of them and besides licking the assholes of the black sluts in that one store, I liked to watch the videos in the booths and enjoyed the interracial ones the best. Back then there was only one video playing in each booth, so there were many, many booths in some of the stores. There were some preview pics of the video hung on the outside of each boooth and I would walk the aisles to see what was playing.
One time I found a particular video that looked very hot, As I remember it was a Vanessa Del Rio vid sucking and fucking a bunch of blacks and she was one of my favorite sluts. I had a hard time getting to see it, as the booth was always occupied. Finally I hit it right and saw someone leaving the booth. I hurried and got in before anyone else had a chance.
As I settled in and got my quarters ready, I noticed that the previous occupant had obviously just jerked a hugh load on the side of the wall near the seat. I watched in awe and saw that the thick, gloppy cum had stuck to the wall and was barely creeping down. You should know that at this time I was frequently eating my wife's lover's cum and had grown to be a cum addict of sorts. I loved the taste and feel of his thick cum as I sucked his cock clean and lapped up the loads he deposited in my wife's cunt but I had, up to this point never eaten anyone else's sperm.
I began watching the movie but my eyes kept glancing back to the cum slowly sliding down the wall. Finally, I gave in and reached my forefinger over and scooped some up and put it in my mouth. It was still warm and so very thick. Like the pig I am, I scooped all of it up and sucked it down.
Thus began what I came to term as "scumhunts." I would cruise the aisles and wait until I saw someonle leaving a booth and would immediately enter to see if they had left me a snack. I found and ate many, many spermloads this way, eventually getting very picky and only eating and savoring the thickest and most gloppy ones. If I wanted to, I could have eaten dozens in the few hours i spent cruising the various stores in the area . It was a cumeaters paradise.
I discovered gloryholes quite by accident. One day I ventured into a bookstoreI hadn't visited before and went into a booth and settled in to watch the video. I pulled out my cock and started jerking when I noticed the hole in the wall. I peeked in and discovered I could see into the adjoining booth. It may sound silly but I had no idea what the hole was for. At first I suspected someone had drilled it out to spy on guys jerking off. Just then someone entered that booth and I quickly backed away. After he got settled and started watching his video. I peeked in and saw him stroking his cock. I still had no idea what else the hole was used for.
My curiosity at watching him jerkoff satisfied, I sat back and resumed watching my own video. After a few minutes I heard a tapping coming from the hole and saw his fingers wiggling. I leaned over and he asked if I wanted my cock sucked. It was then I realized what this hole was for. I declined and he moved away. Sometime later he slid his cock thru the hole and I couldn't resist taking it my hand and stroking it. I was tempted to suck it but nervous as hell about doing it, so I got up and left the booth.
My heart was beating fast and I was excited about what I had seen and done and on the way home wished I had sucked it for him.
I went back to the same store a few days later and did manage to suck 2 cocks. The first one wanted to suck me and I let him but what I really wanted was to suck someone else, so I moved to another booth. There a Hispanic guy fed me his dick thru the hole and I sucked him until he shot a small, watery load in my mouth.
After that, I never went back to the holes until a few years ago. I had moved on to servicing other guys while displaying my wife's photos, something I found extremely exciting. But the lure of the hole was always there in the back of my mind. It took many years to get up the nerve to return to sucking stranger's dicks thru the hole.
How I got back into it in the next post.
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Old 07-03-2012, 05:44 AM
michael1950 michael1950 is offline
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Default Yes thank you.

I have tasted several different men some watery some thick some sweet as honey, Is it ever enough.
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Old 05-14-2015, 06:31 PM
BryanMcKenzie BryanMcKenzie is offline
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More, more, please. I became a jizz junkie because of my ex-wife, also. And 3-ways. And general piggyness.

I have a story, too. A bit different from yours, but the cock-sleaze, cum-hungry part is the same. Even the terminology you use. I crave sperm ... the thick, gooey, ropey loads that come our and onto my tongue. I enjoy the thick texture, the smell, the feel as it hangs in the back of my throat, the savory taste and texture in my mouth --- or if it goes up my nose, feeling it hang into my throat like some sort of nasal booger when you're not feeling well. And, of course, I like to have my face painted with cock snot as well as eating the baby batter.
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