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CD, TV, TS, Sissies Loving Cock

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  1. Royal
    12-29-2016 11:57 AM
    The best, most enjoyable fucking I received was from a three inch dick!!! It all started one day, I was horny as hell. Went to my favorite ABS and got a booth. Undressed totally, then put my thigh highs on and my "fuck me" slides, my lacie bra, let my hair down and started to stroke myself. Then I heard the front door chimes ring, which sent more pleasure to my penis. I knew that my play toy was cumming for me!! Yup he entered the booth next to me. I sat there patiently. Every now and then peeking through the hole to see if he liked what he saw. To my delight he was stroking too. I stood up and gave him a show, that I'm sure wasn't playing on the video monitor. He liked it a lot, because without me asking for his pleasure rod, placed it through the glorious hole. All that came through was a foreskin and that purple, smooth, glistening head. I thought, I'll suck that beutiful dick to get bigger. I got on my knees and without any hands, placed his dick in my mouth. Mmmm, so soft with the skin, but realized that he was really stiff. I knew that the penis I was fellating was at its hardest. That did not stop me from enjoy sucking on his dick ! I was so horney, I wanted this dick in me! I got out a condom and placed it over that dick. It was so hard, I had NO problems. Then I turned around and grabbed the lube. I quickly put some on my sissy puss hole, place my cheeks on the wall with my cheeks spread open. I knew I was on target case of the light air blowing on my sissy cunny. I felt his head touching my ring of Fire. His pushes were very gental and was making me want that penis in me. I stretched my cheeks farther apart and push hard up against that beutiful pleasure hole in the wall. I prolapsed my muscle out for him, and his cock got the signals that it was time to enter me. With a thrust that moved me forward and bent the wall to me, his crown penitrated me. Wow at that moment I wasn't I guy getting fucked in the ass by another guy. I was a HORNY gyrl receiving anal extassy from a stiff pleasure staff. At that moment I was "connected" to his little head. He moved so nice, his foreskin of so many nerve endings were being sucked on by spincter muscle. I was sucking this dick with my ass hole. The head was pulled back to a point were it wanted to exit me, but couldn't because of my tightening around it. Then forward as my ass jumped off the wall. Faster and faster that shaft was pumping me back and forth. The pleasure of that three inch shaft was equal to OR better than the double headed 18 inch dildo I use at home. My colon, I found out, goes way up, straight up. So I can take that jelly dildo and it can go all the way in me. (But that's a whole nother story). Any way that three inches was bouncing me in such a way that I truely felt like a TOTAL WOMAN. That cock, that beutiful penis was moving me not only physically, but phycologicaly too. I started to moan was every bounce off of that wall. I started to talk, out loud, how much I loved that dick. I couldn't care who the fuck heard, I was actually moaning with pleasure and desire!!!! "Fuck me, oh you feel so good in me, your dick is delicious Baby, keep going, don't stop, Mmmmmm", I shouted out. I was pinching both my nipples and just melted to every thrust. Then he was stretching me and I clenched down as hard as I could squeeze. I heard a nice moan. His penis was ejaculating!! Right then I had wished we could have been bare backing because of pulsing dick was doing wonderful things to my ass lips. The sensation would have been ten times better if his seed would have been squirted inside of me! With one last good bye kiss, he pushed so fast and hard into that wall, I thought it would break. Then he was gone, leaving me with heavy breathing and my sissy hole still loosening and tightening on nothing but air. That three inch rod got me soooo worked up and HOT that I jerked off to that video for months after that glorious fuck. ( I video ALL my sessions at the ABS). I heard the door chimes ring and knew that the penis that just gave ME so much pleasure was leaving. So I sat there, sweating and masturbating my dick. About five or six minutes of rubbing my stick, I heard the door chimes again. I could hardly breath, I was so excited for my next fucking. I reached down to tighten my thigh highs when the booth next to me became occupied. My heart was in my throat! My mind was racing with the thought of WILL his penis be liking what he sees through the glory hole?? Will he want to be the TOP that I'm craving?? My answer came through the wall without hesitation. A hot looking, cut six in her. Without hesitation or second thought, I took him in between my lips and sucked the hole shaft past my tonsils, down my throat, (I use NO hands when I suck dick). I felt his rod be as stiff as it was going to get, SO on want a condom, some lube, and inserted it into me. All the way in with one push. Again my ass was pulled apart by my hands and my hole took his whole shaft. This time I DID THE FUCKING!! Back and forth I rocked my muscle over the entire length of the rod. Squeezing on the OUT stroke and relaxing on the in stroke. After a while he took over, in and out it pulsed on every in stroke. I knew he was about to ejaculate and I slammed my ass against that wall!! He came and left. I was drained too so I got dressed and left the booth. The last guy didn't leave the store and was looking at the DVDs for sale. I knew he wanted to see what I looked like. No problem with me, he eyeballed me but NO TIES, that's what gloryhole SEXUAL ENCOUTERS are all about. Anonomous sex, slam bam thank you Mann kind of sex. So I was talking with the proprietor, and then realized that I wanted a momentous of the first "Earth Moving" anal intercourse I EVER had. So I went back to the booth that was occupied by my lover. And to my delight the condoms that my fingered had unrolled onto the most delicious dick, were on the floor. I picked both of them up and folded them in a way they would leak out the seed that they held. I was tempted to close the door and empty them into my horny and hungry mouth. And the thought of how creamy and delicious they would be was mind blowing. But I instead thought, I would bring them home and enjoy them with a good jerk off. I knew the one from my first cock had the most cum inside it, cause his ejaculation spasms were about seven to eight good healthy squirts. So the six inch guy was still milling about the shop and I think he wanted to give me his number. But since his dick didn't really make me hot and horney, I didn't take it. But kept thinking of the first penis. The one that really got me going, the three inch penis, the one that made me want to suck it with my ass hole FOREVER.
    I wished I could have his number!, I would have LOVED to have another fucking because it is NOT the meat, IT IS THE MOTION THAT COUNTS !!!
    So I got home and fell on my bed with visions of three inch dicks in my head. I lay there, with my sissy stockings, shoes and bra on and starring at the beutiful condoms filled with seed that was placed there by a sexually satisfying fuck. I got myself as erect as I was going to get, then used the love cum as a super lubricant. I even place some on my other hand figures and inserted them into my ass. Almost instantly my sissy pussy started to suck on my fingered that were covered in his man juice. My fantasies quickly shifted to his dick (without a condom over his shaft) pulsating in me! Slamming me back and forth as I achieved the most awesome climax. Upon my second or third convulsion, I dreamed of that Cock in me! ejaculating his love seed into me. Filling me with his ropes of joyous semen. I lay there, spent from a wonderful day at my pleasure shop, aka ABS store. I hope I can reunite with that penis that gave me so much pleasure. I hope that he can be my first bare back, anal intercourse, breeding cock!! His three inch cock is in my "big" head forever!, Thank You for a MOST memorable session in my life.
  2. Royal
    09-04-2016 05:27 PM
    At a very young age I loved putting my sisters Dr. Scholl's or her moccasinson. only problem was her size was 8 and I had a size 10 men's which is 11 women's. I loved it ! and then when I got emancipated and on my own, cross-dressing in nylons and found some nice high heels. They were slides with a 5 inch heel and it was very sexy. in nylons I came so hard. now that I'm older I cross dress and like to show my tramp stamp in the Gloryhole booths. only problem is I'm not at the point yet to let a guy in go one-on-one. I just like them to have the image of of me, In nylons, showing my tramp stamp. I'm still hot and fucking horny. I guess I bottom I will always be. I guess I'm bi, but no chicks is going to stick her clitoris in the when I get my lips around a cock, or two dicks, one in my mouth and the other in my girl pussy, pumping, pumping. another fantasy is to actually have intercourse in the missionary position. Im in my sexiest pumps and nylons and my nipples are highly sensitive. It would have to be the right guy. But pointing my very feminine toes out and to the ceiling. just to have my whole body pumped back and forth, to have me feel like I'm a TOTAL WOMAN!!
  3. Royal
    08-11-2016 10:04 AM
    Wanting to be as feminine ass possible. Completing the emotional end is fully servicing cock to be a true woman. Real females are sexually and emotionally welcome !

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