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  1. excellent1118
    03-30-2020 04:30 AM
    Hey, I just saw your posts, I am very new to the site so I am not sure if this is considered a personal message but I am open to doing email if that works better. Great to see that you are so close and I look forward to hearing back!
  2. capeguy
    01-21-2020 04:26 PM
    read your posts they were awesome
  3. middy99
    05-01-2019 06:50 PM
    I'm middy99 on xtube...
  4. middy99
    04-30-2019 04:16 PM
    Hey, just saw your message! I'm not quite 50 yet, so the age thing sorta hasn't been a complete factor unless I'm cruising a twenty-something who may only want to hook up with perhaps 30 and below, and I can understand that considering how I remember feeling when I was a twenty-something and if somebody somewhat older cruised me and was fairly aggressive about it. I try to just back off and not get overly zealous about cruising a much younger hottie lol. I'm kind of like "if it happens it happens."
  5. bjbud4u
    04-16-2019 07:35 PM
    Looks like we have even more in common. I, too, am retired living frugally on my SSI. I'm curious . . do you get any negative vibes re: age when you visit a gh arcade? I feel it, but fortunately it is fairly diverse. There are guys who only want to play with young studs and there are others who just want to "play" with whatever dick slides thru the hole - or - whatever lips are at the gh. I still get a huge rush when I drive up to the ABS as long as there are at least a few vehicles in the pkg lot. The ABS is only 20 mi from me - but requires a $20 ferry ride too. So, I generally plan a day of Costco, Trader Joe . . etc along with the GH arcade to make it $$ worthwhile. . . . . lol
  6. Sonny
    12-05-2018 12:56 PM
    Mostly very hot stories. Plus, using polls about poles (LOL), brilliant!
  7. Sonny
    11-20-2018 01:05 PM
    Your posts have really livened things up! Thanks
  8. middy99
    07-25-2018 03:57 PM
    Hi. I suppose you are generally right, and yes it is best under the circumstances of probable LE surveillance to be intentionally vague about current GH locations and such. Still, I can't help but think that considering the proliferation of internet porn sites like xtube and how immensely popular GH porn is on those sites, combined with the fact that the GH scene is alive and well among young millennial age guys and other guys of various ages in places where LE lets it be, then it seems to me that the group could safely advertise on some of those sites just a little and thus benefit from increased traffic, members and participation. I don't think the scene is just us older guys (guys over 40 like myself!), I think as long as there continues to be fresh GH porn on the internet on xtube and all the other sites than this GH thing could sustain, and it will only sustain if we try to attract some fresh meat so to speak!
  9. CptnFajita
    07-24-2018 12:55 PM
    From reading back through the threads and looking at the member count, I'm guessing the site made a big splash when it first came up...probably from a bunch of guys who thought they'd find women on the other side of the hole. It's since died down to mostly a few regulars who simply enjoy the dick.

    Looks to me like the site is pretty lightly moderated and really pretty sleepy. We occasionally get a blast of spam which takes a few days to clear out. Better search engine hits would certainly help the traffic, but I'm not too sure how visible we should get. I reckon law enforcement is probably monitoring the site, like they always did craigslist, which is why I'm intentionally vague about where I go to share cock. Wouldn't do any of us any good for LE to whack a good hot spot because of chatter on here, and similarly, I certainly wouldn't want to get doxed by oversharing.

    I guess I'm fairly content to leave things as they are. Thanks for the message, though

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