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mrk8899 01-22-2021 01:48 PM

Do you all have any gay bath houses near you? What are they like?
We have one near me called Club Houston. This place is fantastic and very clean.

It has:
A locker room with lockers you can rent
30ish or so private rooms
Multiple open shower areas
Large outdoor pool and jacuzzi
One large and one small dry sauna
One wet sauna
A room with multiple large TVs showing different porn channels and benches to sit on.
GH booths
Sex swing

You can fuck or suck anywhere with as many people as are willing.

And best of all, the blow job wall. This is a room with a raised walking platform on three sides. When you are on the platform, the wall comes to belt level and you can see down in the room. All along the wall are openings to stick you dick through. Guys at ground floor can just walk up to the wall and stand there sucking dick. It's pretty wild to be getting a blow job while lined up with 4-5 other guys doing the same. Every now and then you'll see a guy walk up behind a guy getting a blow job and he'll start fucking that guy from behind.

I can only go around lunch, and there tends to be 15-20 guys there, mainly older. I hear that on weekend nights, the place is wall to wall with a lot more 20-30 year olds.

van2000man 02-26-2021 06:43 PM

Yes there are three here in Vancouver Canada. Sadly none with outdoor pool but you'd probably freeze your balls off outdoors 8 months of the year. Most have similar facilities. All closed due to covid, hopefully temporarily. The most popular would be Steamworks. I like to stroke guys cocks in the jacuzzi there. Steam One in New Westminster usually for gay/bi guys has/had a monthly "every body" sex party for women, couples and non-binary folks as well as single guys. Makes a nice change to have a few women there enjoying being slutty as well as the usual cock-sucking guys. Ah, good times, good times. Congrats to anyone that enjoys life with some good slutty kinky public sex.

prgbp 03-05-2021 08:08 PM

In the 80ís I used to go to one in Chicago. It was old school european with lots of white tile. Employees with thick accents wearing shorts and t-shirts. Lockeroom, with no doors on the lockers. There was never any theft, the attendants constant presence kept the scum out.Nothing was done in the open, but there were all sorts of options. I doubt itís still there.

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