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Old 02-13-2021, 04:52 AM
Johnny Nobgoblin Johnny Nobgoblin is offline
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Location: near Portland Oregon
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Default One cock is never enough...

Iím so adickted to cum, that Iím never satisfied anymore with just one creamy hot load. Itís a source of endless frustration. I need multiple cumshots to keep me happy.
Iíve tried several times in vain to set up a blowbang, but apparently that kind of party is harder to arrange than I imagined. I want so badly to just be surrounded by stiff cocks. Dudes jerking themselves off & taking turns fucking my face. I wanna be dickslapped & facialized, ribbons of sticky jism glazing my face, pearls of hot cocksauce shooting across my tongue & down my throat.
Anymore, a good day at the gloryhole consists of sucking 2, maybe 3 cocks at most, & only hitting one lucky orgasmic jackpot.
I want more...
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Old 02-13-2021, 10:53 AM
van2000man van2000man is offline
Join Date: Nov 2017
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Yes definitely fun playing with a few cocks at the same time. I'm bisexual and sometimes have had a few 3somes sucking guys cocks in hot tubs at bathhouses. Most fun time I've had was at the Rain City Jacks club in Seattle. The jack-off club rules are no sucking or cum in the mouth but if you'd like to have 3-4 guys cum on you in one afternoon it is a great place to be. I'm not into anal so I love the atmosphere of 40-50 guys naked or just wearing a towel all proudly jerking off together and enjoying their cocks. If you like stroking cocks and watching guys cum I highly recommend a jack-off club
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Old 02-21-2021, 05:07 PM
Pickup2016 Pickup2016 is offline
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I prefer multiples loads as well. In NC, there are fewer opportunities for "parties" so I go to one of two adult book stores within 2 hours of my home. If time allows, I 'll plan for a weekend evening (6:30-midnight) at the larger place. Three open theaters with couches and chairs and (private rooms for rent) No GH, though. :-( Couples usually show about 7ish and some are very active and allow participation. Last weekend, there were six couples that showed. Four were active and allowed participation from the audience. On the side, I received six loads from some really nice-sized cocks. Two others that were not so large but enthusiastic and well received. On my next weekend run, I'll plan for a private room because so many guys that show are shy. Not me. I'll suck their cock in the lobby if allowed.
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